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This week on BEEN THERE, we hear from 12-year-old Julia from Maryland (aka superstarsista) who tells us all about her awesome trip to Venice, Italy!

venice, italy
Ah! Venice, the fresh smell of saltwater, the beautiful view, the delicious food, and the most wonderful rides in the world – the Gondola. Of course this is only the best that Venice has to offer. Lots of people have gone to this wonderful city, but they have not only had a good time, many want to go back.

Venice is one of the most breath taking cities in the world, in fact it's the only city in the world that is built entirely on water. And, unlike other big cities there are no cars. But, instead, they have boats to get around. Your select of transportation is amazing, from Bus-boats, to Water taxis, to Gondolas. All the hotels in Venice aren't like the kinds today, they're very beautiful and really bring out the color in Venice.

Getting to know how life is in Venice is easy, from the first step you take in this marvelous city, you will already start to learn. The grocery shopping is different because there are people who sell food on boats. And you can find the cutest clothes in the side stores, and the carts that people are selling things in. Make sure you eat at one of the seafood restaurants, the food is amazing. All the wonders in Venice are so hard to explain you'll just have to see for yourself.

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