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Jake T. Austin
Jake T. Austin interview on Miss O & Friends.
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INTERVIEW: Jake T. Austin

Jake T. Austin

Go Diego Go!
Teens love Jake for his work on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and ‘Hotel For Dogs’, but he also voices a character that your little brothers and sisters are sure to know, Dora’s cousin Diego on the Nick Jr. show ‘Go Diego Go!’ “Diego is an 8 year old, kindhearted animal adventure hero who is always determined to get something done and saving animals is his hobby” said Jake of his role.

When asked to audition for the popular cartoon, he came up with a plan. “I do a lot of imitations, like for my sister. So when auditions came up for Diego I tried to do a more masculine version of Dora.” He landed the job!

Is Jake similar to his fun, young character of Diego? “I’d say I’m kinda like Diego because we’re both really, really energetic and we both love animals. We both do stunts. The only difference is that he lives in a rainforest in a tree and I don’t.”

Jake is one young actor eager to make the entertainment business his lifetime career. Not just content to display his talent in front of the camera, Jake would also like to try his hand at writing and directing. At fifteen, he writes and stars in his own popular web show titled ‘Tales of Sebastian’ and wrote his own screenplay that was recently published! “I have a really artistic view on things. Lately I’m really into writing and directing and photography and all of that. So, I’d like to follow up on that and go to college to learn all of that.” It sounds like Jake T. Austin’s Hollywood success story is just beginning!

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