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Mouse Maneuver

Turtle Dressup

The Ultra Violets

Koala Dressup

Hidden Camera Room

Dress Me Up



Hamster Dressup

Double Wires

Modern Living Room Escape

Smiley Pop

Bricks Breaking II

George Sampson Video Interview

George William Sampson (29 June 1993) is a British street dancer and actor...

Malala Yousafzai Won the Nobel Peace Prize! 

Seventeen-year-old activist, Malala Yousafzai, was recently awarded the Nobel Peace...

Halloween Accessories

It's the Halloween month! Have you decided what you gonna wear? I've selected some accessories, necklaces, lockets,...

A&F releases new line of Anti-Bullying Clothes

Not too long ago, popular clothing brand, Abercrombie and...

maymay01, 13, CA
United States of America

"She sees them walking in a strait line, that's not really her style. And they all got the same heart..."

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Halloween Inspired Meal

Halloween food is about more than candy corn and caramel apples!...

Halloween Party Ideas

Happy Halloween, Miss O girls! If you’re too old for trick...

John Green’s FOURTH Novel Might Just Become a Movie


Helpful Website For Girls 

A testimonial from...

Best Pet Halloween Costumes

In honors of halloween, and us loving our...

Bethany Mota Fragrance

Bethany mota new fragrance smells like cotton candy, peaches,...

 Fun and Fancy Finger-Knitting

You will need: 1 ball of yarn and a pair...

It Takes Two: Go! Fight! Twin! 

Ava pretends to be Alex at...


Has your teacher...

Miss O & Friends in the Empact 100

For the 2nd year...

DIY Halloween costumes are here!

Here are some ideas for you to look classy...