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beatris, 17, MI, Iran asks...
"hi. well I'm in a groupe and I'm the just girl in that group and that way every one look , talk ... different with me and I really enjoy that cause it's like being a princess and also it has it's own problem , one friend lets call him jake his just 15 asked me to talk with adam to see why his not answering him and other and adam told me becaese he asked him sth and he thinks the answer would make him sad and now I don't know what to do?and in the other hand jake thinks adam hates him."
Cherry21, 14, FL, United States of America answers...
"Is it possible they like you? It sounds like Jake asked Adam something along the lines of do he have a crush on you, and maybe Adam doesn't want to talk to him because the answer is yes and he knows that would hurt Jake, who also has a crush on you...it could be something else but you're the only girl, they treat you like a princess... this happens sometimes. Try getting the two of them at the same place at the same time so that they can talk what ever it is out. xx"

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