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parie223, 21, OH, United States of America asks...
"This guy says he likes me(not in front of me) but idk if he does. I don't like him that much, only as a friend.. How do i tell if he likes me??" (0 replies)
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Auburn_12, 16, FL, United States of America asks...
" So I've liked this guy for a while but he's so confusing. He's called me baeutiful and he's so nice to me but sometimes he ignores me. We're not very close friends yet he complements me on my personality and how Im his favorite person. But he asked another girl to homecoming and I'm pretty sure he likes her. A few weeks after he asked her out we were at a small party together and he shyly asked me if I had gotten asked to homecoming. When I told him no he looked a bit shocked and just responded with "oh...". I guess I just want to know why he asked that? And if you could help me understand why he is so confusing....?" (2 replies)

Pinknose9141, 13, MA, United States of America asks...
"First of all, this is my first time back in a really long time and I'm so glad to have come back! I have just had no time lately since I'm in the seventh grade and we get insane amounts of homework. Anywho there is this guy I like who is in some of my classes. We're friends but I think he might like me too. I'm not sure. How do you know if a guy likes you? Thanks in advance!" (2 replies)

peace_people, 13, IA, United States of America asks...
"I dated a boy in 3rd grade and he moved 3 years ago and he moved back and asked me out what should i do????? I don't know what to say PLZ help me" (5 replies)

hippo123, 12, TX, United States of America asks...
"Every Sunday and Wednesday i go to youth group at my church and it seems i like 3 guys, 1. Ethan, is sooo nice to me but i don't talk to him a lot and, in 8th. 2. (i know you're gonna think this is bad, but i don't even know his name) all i know is that he is cute and one of my best friends brother, in 8th. 3. Kam, he is really cute and funny (from what i've heard) and is super cute,in 9th. The bad thing about all of this is that I CAN NOT get up the urge to talk to any of them!! BEC ive always been shy around boys!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!" (5 replies)

eksoccergirl, 13, CT, United States of America asks...
"Hi guys! I don't have a problem I just wanted to say thank you to those of you that answered my previous question, it was all extremely helpful, and the situation worked out. So thank you guys! :)" (1 replies)

SamiLol, 11, ID, United States of America asks...
"So my school starts again on January 5th. I'm nervous to see the guy I like. Should I be nervous; he doesn't even like me. Please tell me I'm nervous. " (4 replies)

KENZIE28, 13, MD, United States of America asks...
"what age do you think you are when you actually fall in love with someone?" (3 replies)

eksoccergirl, 13, CT, United States of America asks...
"I am dating someone right now, and it's great, except that his friend continually tries to ruin it, and I have no idea why. Just today I found out that his friend told him to dump me for another girl that he barely knows. Although I know that my boyfriend won't do that, it still really bothers me that this is going on. Any advice on how to stop it?" (4 replies)

Hard2get, 12, AZ, United States of America asks...
"Okay so, Im so sure this guy likes me. He is so cute and loves me ( i think ) hes into minecraft like me and is so incredibly awesome. The only problem is.......... HES SO FAR AWAY (imagine having your crush living in alaska and you live in alabama (example)) I miss him so much... I don't think ill see him un till years and he will have a girlfriend. HELP XoXo, Hard2get" (4 replies)

brooklynnb, 11, , Canada asks...
"my boyfriends old girlfriend started being a little mean to me when he broke up with her for me. she was stalking me at lunch the day after he broke up with her. I'm afraid she's going to do something horrible to me. HELP!" (5 replies)

Hard2get, 12, AZ, United States of America asks...
"Hi, I seem to have a crush on these boys, i cant decide who to ask if they like me. Help 1. ive posed about him. the dude who lives far away. check archive and open. 2. Ben. he likes the outdoors is considerate and is just right it seems. hes probably moving to a new school. He's selfless. Just as i like 'em 3 Sammy. Hes cute, funny, and when he first got there, i was his first friend. the only downside is hes moving to carolina XoXo, Hard2get" (2 replies)

Janine121, 16, IL, United States of America asks...
"There is this guy that i go to church with and i really like him. Our church recently had an all-nighter and we hung out a lot during it. He's always so nice to me, but he's like that with everyone. He's also good looking and i know for sure another girl likes him. There is another girl that im not sure about, but it seems like he might like her. My BFF says he definitely likes me. What should i do? I don't want to tell him I like him because we re pretty good friends. Help!" (5 replies)

poodlenuggets, 11, FL, United States of America asks...
"I have this friend kinda who i like but sometimes he hates me and he calls me names and sometimes he is nice to me but whenever i try to chat him he always tells me to shut up and he hurts my feelings." (6 replies)

SamiLol, 11, ID, United States of America asks...
"I like this guy and I don't think he likes me well he doesn't he sorta told me. How could I stop liking him it's hard????????😅😁" (4 replies)

barrel_racer42, 13, CA, United States of America asks...
"I like this boy and sometimes I hint to him that I like him but he likes the new girl in school I was just about to ask him if he wanted to go to the movies but then he asked me to ask her out for him because he was to shy of course I said okay. but I just cant help that I like him. what should I do?? " (2 replies)

lily84677, 9, FL, United States of America asks...

CeriseTea, 10, MI, United States of America asks...
"My friends like like boys but I hate them. I feel left out, so what should I do? " (6 replies)

NanaStar, 11, OH, United States of America asks...
"do you have a boyfriend." (4 replies)

barrel_racer42, 13, CA, United States of America asks...
"I like this boy, I sit next to him lots of classes, we flirt back and forth but I just don't want to ruin our friendship by making a move. what should I do??" (4 replies)

Xkitten_paintx, 12, MO, United States of America asks...
"Well I knew this guy for about maybe 2-3 years and i started liking him last year. This year we started separating a little bit. So the mistake I made was telling my friends I have feelings for him. (It might actually be a good thing!) Well my bff told him! Ever since he found out he has been talking to me more, sitting next to me on the bus, and acts kind of nervous when he speaks. Do you think he may like me? This is just a random thing that happened on the bus: Me: You know, I really enjoy talking to you! Crush: *laughs a bit* Yeah! I really like talking to you also! Me: *looks up from phone (we were on our phones)* You always have the nicest things to say! Crush: *looks up but doesn't say anything; then smiles* So what do you guys think? " (5 replies)

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