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Boys Ė canít live with them, canít live without them.

But why do they have to be so weird, awesome, crazy, funny, cool, mean, annoying? Talk about guys you like or donít like-it doesnít matter! This is a group where you can talk with safety and confidence with other girls and reach out for advice.

Littledio, 11, OH, United States of America asks...
"Hi Juliet! I need advice on how to know if a boy I like likes me. He is nice to me, but sometimes I act weird around him. The worst apart is, apparently people have been telling him that I have a crush on him, and it might be some of my good friends. Sometime I feel like he thinks I'm weird. Should I tell him the truth,, or let him figure it out? I need help! What should I do? " (1 replies)
teenknighton, 14, SC, United States of America asks...
""Hey, so what do u do when u like two different guys at the same time and one of them u have liked for a VERY long time and the other one u have liked for a little while but u want to forget about your first crush but u cant-and u dont want to tell your other crush u like him (or have him find out u like him) because he is a really good friend of yours. idk what to do!!! PLZ help!" (1 replies)
hiphipster555, 10, PA, United States of America asks...
"THE most embarrassing thing happened!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday, I went to a cooking class (we go every Saturday). So I was playing tag with my friends, and I was tagged. So I was trying to get my crush, when I TRIPPED over the gate or something, and landed flat on my face! He just stood there giggling and asked if I was ok. It was so humiliating I wanted to dig a hole and die in it. But I guess it was a laugh for a laugh because I jumped up from the floor while he was and the swing and tagged him. He tried to turn around and get away but the swing definetly made sure that didn't happen. Hey, you guys probably think this is embarrassing, but it was to me! I cringe every time I think about it!!!" (1 replies)
hiphipster555, 10, PA, United States of America asks...
"Okay, so I like this boy in my class. His name is Rocky. He's really nice and funny. I want to tell him I like him, but I'm not sure how!!! I'm home schooled, which means I can't see him. (But I might see him if I go on a field trip with my school or something.) So you would probably think its like, so much easier. But it's NOT! Because we do this thing called breakout rooms, where the teacher puts you in a virtual room and you have to do a language arts or math problem, depending on what class it is. The computer randomizes who you get in the class, and sometimes I get Rocky. It's soooooooo awkward, and I'm not sure if he likes me back or not. I really want to tell him, but I don't want it to be weird between us. Any advice?!!?!?" (1 replies)
Gogosocute, 11, NY, United States of America asks...
"if a boy stares at you and your bff tells you he likes you does that mean he likes you? or is your bff just trying to make you feel good" (2 replies)
LiveLong123, 12, ME, United States of America asks...
"If a boy stares at you, does that mean he like you?" (4 replies)
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KENZIE28, 13, MD, United States of America asks...
"how do you keep yourself from falling for your best friend?" (1 replies)

gmwbmw22, 15, NH, United States of America asks...
" How many of you have a boyfriend? I have one, his name is Jonas, and he's super loving. Also do you picture you and your boyfriend's future, both married with kids? I know I do!! :)" (1 replies)

LovelyScented, 14, UL, United States of America asks...
"What boy band you like?" (2 replies)

DanielleLate, 13, NC, United States of America asks...
"Why Do guys act like they like you then flirt with someone else when they think your not looking" (1 replies)

ilr, 14, NY, United States of America asks...
"i like this guy and his friend told me he thought i was hot plus he always says hi to me and smiles but im still not sure if he likes me ? and if he does what do i do? help !" (2 replies)

sugargirl101, 15, CA, United States of America asks...
"I'm really stuck. I have this really good friend who is a guy, but yesterday he randomly said that we should hook up. I don't want to do that, but I'm afraid if we don't I'll lose his friendship. Someone help! " (2 replies)

ZoeyxD, 13, UL, Zimbabwe asks...
"Okay so I have known this guy named Curtis and i really like him! But he never seems to notice me, I really think he thinks I am invisible or something but every time I go to talk to him he will never answer me! So I really need help and I wanna take him to the dance at city hall! but he really won't want to go he doesn't like me at all! So i need your help so I can talk to Curtis and ask him to the city hall dance! Can you help me miss o friends? But even though he will never (maybe) talk to me I am too afraid to ask him to the city hall dance! please help me! -your miss o friend ZoeyxD" (2 replies)

DestinyxD, 10, TN, Chad asks...
"okay I`ve known this boy named Nathan and well he is really cute and he has this buddy named Cameron and Cameron likes me but I like Nathan so I can`t decide which one to take to the girls choice dance can you help me" (2 replies)

teenknighton, 14, SC, United States of America asks...
""Okay, so i have a friend & i have have known him for about two years. I used to like him but then i started liking this other boy that i used to like & stopped liking my friend. But lateley i think i might like him again....i just don't know i'm kinda confused...I dont know if he likes me or not....i think he might but it's hard to tell with him because he kinda keeps stuff like that to himself, I dont know wat to do!!!!!! PLZZZ HELP!!! Thanks, ~Gabby" (4 replies)

LiviBella, 9, FL, United States of America asks...
"So there this guy in my class he is really cute he asked me out because he lost to oreo i said no but i wanted to say yes i want to tell him i like him but i don't know how?" (2 replies)

PinkiePieBlitz, 11, TX, United States of America asks...
"OkayÖso there is this amazing kid who I met at the beginning of the school year. He is funny, cute and smart. He is in all my classes (even my advanced gifted class) and always tries to get my attention. He makes me laugh, and when he says a joke, he looks at me to see what I thought. He asks me to be in his group, but he only asks me, not my friends. I really like him, and was wondering if these were signs that he likes me back. What do I do?" (3 replies)

misso, 20, CT, United States of America asks...
"What do you look for in a boyfriend?" (3 replies)

ariella14785, 14, TX, United States of America asks...
"hey guys Beth here! I kind of like this guy. he is popular and he hangs out with popular kids. i don't know if he likes me? r these signs of flirting?: he once scratched me on purpose/ he once was drawing on my arm with my pen/ in school when he walks in homeroom he sweeps across my desk as if i want to smell his cologne bc he puts his hand on my desk swiftly. i don't know cuz these are very slight signs. i definitely to not want him to get in my way of studies. how do i at least get him to be a good friend. i'm quite shy around him i have no idea how to talk to boys could u teach me plz. thanks in advance Beth~ " (2 replies)

KENZIE28, 13, MD, United States of America asks...
"so my best guy friend like me and he knows that I know, and I like him back but he dosent know. He thinks I don't like him so he's talking to me less and less and I can feel him drifting away. What do I do?" (1 replies)

TheMusicalSmile, 16, NY, Canada asks...
"I'm in a "relationship" and I'm only 10. I've heard it's rare that first relationships work out and I'm worried. I don't know what to do,I'm scared of heartbreak, especially since we're "a little young" for this (at least that's what everyone else says)and I especially don't want to hurt him and have us go through heartbreak at such a "young" age. Help?" (4 replies)

Trose, 12, CA, United States of America asks...
"Okay so i like the same boy from last year but we didn't talk to each other a lot. So at lunch time i sit at a table close to his with my friends but my friends are as i would say crazy and loud.But every time he gets up to buy something if i see one of my friend in line i go over and hug them but then i just change like the way i talk and everything.Is it because i'm nervous like i can't even wave to him or say hi.I know a couple of friends of his and i really want to ask him out or at least be one of his friends but how do i do that i would i get close to talking to him when he's always surrounded by his friends a lunch.Also every Friday we have activities at lunch and he stands on one side of the railing and i stand on the other and our eyes always meet but then we both look away quickly like they do in the movies but i wish we could talk talk for once. what should i do? Please help Girls i really need your help and you guys are the only people i can talk to." (1 replies)

sunflowergal2, 19, NY, United States of America asks...
"so my first day of college, I met this boy and we talked for about an hour. I watched him play his guitar and then I told him he was good, then we started talking! I totally want his number so that i could hang with him. the only thing is that I'm so shy sometimes. " (1 replies)

BreatheMusic, 13, TX, United States of America asks...
"I kind of like this guy, but I don't think he even notices me. He is popular, and I'm not. He's nice and funny, though, but the people he hangs out with wouldn't like me even if he did (which he doesn't). I want to just forget about it, but I can't. I really don't have time to have a boyfriend so does anyone have tips on forgetting crushes/ getting rid of a crush?" (3 replies)

swimmingrocks01, 15, NY, United States of America asks...
"I've been thinking about this so much and I want advice. Well, this guy that he thinks he's cool and flirts with a bunch of girls tweeted to my sister yesterday (This boy is in my grade by the way). He said something about me growing up and my sister joked around, saying that I'm hot, and keep an eye out for her. Then all he did was emojis (The curled up smile emoji 😏) and then my sister said something later about keeping an eye on me if people are being rude to me (My sister is older than me) and he said I always have an eye on her. Do you think this was a joke, or do you think he really likes me? Or do you think I'm one on his "lists" and he has plenty more girls he likes? Because he's a soccer player, and thinks he's a hot shot I guess. Do you think I should give him a chance?" (4 replies)

MAS4521, 26, GA, Georgia asks...
"so me and my ex boyfriend got in to a fight the first week of school and we been ignoring eath other till last week and today he decided it would be funny if he took his crutch and poke my butt over and over again and then we had to sit in front of each other at lunch and we talked a lot and he almost made me cry from laughing so hard and then I was a car rider to day and so was he and we were like play flirting I guess you could say. and the problem is is that I think I still like him after I told everyone I don't and we wouldn't ever date again but I think I made a mistake saying that please help and everytime we break up we end up arguing and fighting and hating each other were like off and on like some people would say were like fire and gasoline but he was my first love and kiss and I don't know what to do. I just got him back as a best friend I don't want to ruin it again so should I keep my mouth closed or should I drop hints ot just straight up tell him pleaseee help meee." (3 replies)

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