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Diamondjewelz, 14, VA, United States of America asks...
"Hi, I was wondering on advice of how to attract boys to myself. I've never dated any boys in real life before and they always seem to ignore me!! What do I do??" (2 replies)
MAS4521, 26, GA, Georgia asks...
"so a little while back i posted a Q bout this guy i lik alot and me and him are best friends even after our break up and it took a while to become friends because all we ever did was fight but now we hug and all and he knows i still lik him and theres this girl one of his exes tht HATES me she saw me wearing his jacket bc i forgot mine and i was cold so he let me wear his and she got mad bc he wont let her wear his jacket but he will let me adn so later that day i walk past her bus at the high school adn i always stop to talk to one of my friends on that bus and she told my friend that she said im not allowed to go back out wiht tht boy (i wont say these peoples name to protect them) and i told her to kiss my butt and the next day she was talking ot one of my friends and my friend told me that she said that i need to back off bc someone is waiting for that boy to ask them out and my friend said who and she said me but i talk to that boy and he said that hes not gonna ask her out cuz he likes someone else and eh wont tell me who so i think its me bc hes always flritin and taking my jacket and stuff and he will walk up to me and hug me before i can ask for a hug and stuff so how can i tell???" (1 replies)
Pinknose9141, 12, MA, United States of America asks...
"I know I ask this a lot but can you please tell me if you think my friend (who's also my crush) has a crush on me? He used to talk to me all the time but he doesn't really talk to me anymore but when he does it's kinda awkward, when I text him he doesn't reply often but when he does he replies with one word answers (making the convo awkward), the other day I sat next to him in one class and he kept looking at me and giggling so when I asked him why he kept doing that he quickly said he kept thinking I was staring at him when I wasn't, and a few days ago when we were cutting stuff out he kept running over to my desk to throw out my scraps and giggling and smiling while doing it. Do you guys think he likes me?" (1 replies)
Pinknose9141, 12, MA, United States of America asks...
"So whenever I text my crush/friend he almost never replies. But when he does it's either an awkward conversation or he gets offline after a few minutes without any warning. Does anyone know how to: A.) get him to talk to me B.) avoid an awkward convo C.) get him to text longer" (1 replies)
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beatris, 16, MI, Iran asks...
"do know how to forget about a boy,,, who you really like ???but you want to stop to "like him"?" (1 replies)

Samantha_b, 13, MO, United States of America asks...
"Hey can some one tell me y boys don't act there age I mean I have a boyfriend but he is like 2 years older then me" (1 replies)

Soccergirl11001, 14, VA, United States of America asks...
"I've had a serious crush on this one guy for three years, he makes me feel this tingly sensation whenever I'm close to him, loose my breath, and get dizzy. We don't talk very often and when we do it's awkward, we like the same music and I'm friends with most of his friends. My friend says he likes me a lot, he always looks at me, he smiles at me, he pays attention when I'm talking, he blushes if I catch him looking at me, his eyebrows go up when he looks at me, and he agrees with me a lot. I was planning to ask him out today but I got scared and ran away, do you think he likes me? Any tips?" (4 replies)

zoe123412341234, 12, IL, United States of America asks...
"i like this one boy and he goes to church with me and he has been my friend for years he also is 13 a year older i dont know if he likes me he always sit right next to me at church does he like me? and if he does what do i do?" (1 replies)

daisigirl, 26, TX, United States of America asks...
"what do i do i really like this guy but were just friends " (2 replies)

Animalover11, 17, KY, United States of America asks...
"What's a gift you'd want to receive from a guy?" (3 replies)

Animalover11, 17, KY, United States of America asks...
"Hey, girls! I've basically been dating this one guy for almost 11 months. He's on a trip right now and wants to do something really fun and special when he gets back in a lil over a week. I know we'll probably go see Divergent, but do y'all have any ideas of what else we could do that would be fun?? Thanks! ^_^" (1 replies)

MAS4521, 26, GA, Georgia asks...
"so theres this guy i really like and we went out for a mth and he was my 1st kiss we kissed on valentine day. and everyone always said tht we were the cutest couple in school and tht they like how we made an oreo since im white and hes black. and we would sit nxt to each other at lunch and hold hands and talk and flirt. but theres this girl tht was his best friend and he liked her and she liked him and he asked her out b4 he asked me out and he asked me if it would be ok if they went out and all tht bc i told him the day b4 tht i liked him and he told me tht he liked me and so i txted her and i was lik u need to say yes when he ask u out and she said no im not gonna do tht to u and all tht so we aruge for 3 hrs about how she should say yes and how she wouldnt do tht to me bc i liked him more and stuff and so when he asked her out she said no and kept bugging him to ask me out and on kik we were talkin bout how she can sometime b annoying bout tht stuff and the next day he asked me out and i said yes of course. but hten this friend started telling him hos she regreted saying no to him when he asked her out and tht she was in love with him and crap so a few weeks later he breaks up with me and 2 days later he ask her out and im stupid enough to say yes for her bc i thought htey would last a day or 2 but they went out for a week adn then shebroke up with him bc she thought i was mad at her and crap and so then the next day after they break up he ask for a secod chance and she says yes and they go out in secret then he breaks up with her 5 days later bc he dont lik bing able to hold her hand and crap and last friday i was talkin to a friend and one of my exes friends come up to me and was lik he hates u bc u made the girl tht he asked out two days later break up with him(im not going to use any one name)and i was lik when did he say tht and he said two days ago and so i kiked him to day to find out what the prob was bc we made up lik we became friends again the same day he said he hated me. and hes lik yea i did think tht but now i dont. and all this other stuff. but the point is is tht im lik in love with this guy and he dont lik me lik tht anymore. but theres all htese people tht kept trying to get him to go back ot with me and crap and i think tht its making him mad and we just became friends again so idk wht to do and if u want to know more then kik me at iwillalwaysloveu3161 but i really need help i lik him alot and i never felt thid way for anyone and normally i can get over a breakup but i cant this time. wht do i do?" (1 replies)

zosiabean, 11, CA, United States of America asks...
"Ok guys.. so I really like this guy (ya, i know, again lol) and he is really nice and funny. So we both get to see each other on Wednesday because we go to a homeschool kids roller-skating session and then afterwards we both go to lunch at the mall. He is always trying to buy me things that I don't need, such as a pretzel, soda, or ice cream. Anyway, About two years ago, he told me he had a crush on this one girl and the girl liked him back. I felt really crushed, but today he told me that about a year ago the girl he had a crush on stopped talking to him and that she didn't really have feelings for him anymore. I'm not sure if he likes me now and I'm really scared to bring up the topic...what should I do?" (1 replies)

Pinknose9141, 12, MA, United States of America asks...
"I know this is kind of a weird question but how do you know if you actually have a crush on a boy or not? I think I have a crush on one of my friends but I'm not sure. I get excited when he texts me and now one of my best friends just started dating him two days ago and I'm kind of jealous but my heart doesn't flutter like it has in the past when I've had crushes on guys. Somebody please help me out here..." (2 replies)

peace_people, 12, IA, United States of America asks...
"so there's this guy who i used to date and i think he likes me still.He is in all of my classes and he keeps trying to defend me and watching me and i need some advice about how to deal with it plz help " (1 replies)

momobunny, 12, OH, United States of America asks...
" i like a guy and i used to FaceTime him all the time (im not saying his name) and he told me i was beautiful and was flirting with me then he told me he loved me and now he has a girlfriend and i have feelings for him idk what to do though PLEASE HELP" (2 replies)

lillyparter, 13, ID, United States of America asks...
"hey guys how are you all ,i hope you all will be fine i have some thing for you guys if you ever get sad or feel like that there is no happiness then i have some thing that will cheer you up if life give you a hundred resions to cry:( show lfe you have a thousand resions simile:) i hope this works .when ever you cry put you hand to you heart and say that i can simile" (1 replies)

mmolly6, 12, SC, United States of America asks...
"Ok so i REAllY like & ive liked him 4 a long time. & i feel like i know everything about him but i really dont....& i feel like i can trust him with anything!!!!! but the only thing is is that im preaty sure he likes my other friend.....what should i do!?" (2 replies)

QuestionAsker, 12, NC, United States of America asks...
"Major Issue! I CAN NOT talk to guys! So basically all the guys at my school are obsessed with girls. Often they come up and talk to me, but I just don't know what to say! I'm pretty shy and it shows. For example a guy will come up and tell me something funny, and I'll laugh, but then I freeze and have nothing to say. What I'm worst at though, is rejections. I have been asked out 5+ times and have done horrible rejections for each. Please help!" (2 replies)

iloveme125, 17, IN, United States of America asks...
"So I have a guy best friend named Gavin. I've liked Gavin for a while, but than I started having feelings for a guy named Brian. I thought that if I dated Brian I would stop having feelings for Gavin. Brian and I have been dating for three weeks, but lately we're been fighting. In english we were watching a movie. I sat by Gavin during the movie, and I was leaning on my side, because the chairs aren't comfortable. I started to fall backwards so I leaned on Gavin. After english I went with Gavin to his locker to give him a piece of gum he wanted. Brian came up to us, and asked me why I was flirting with him. I told Brian that I was only giving him a piece of gum. Than Brian said, "Oh yeah you smell like Gavin. You're cheating on me!". Brian started yelling more, and Gavin was telling him to go away. Brian didn't listen and continued to yell. I started crying, and as soon as I did Gavin hugged me. Brian pushed past us and laughed,and Gavin hugged me for a while. Brian ignored me for the rest of the day. The next day my friend Collin told me that Brian was talking bad about me. I asked him what he said, and he said he couldn't tell me. My next class was english. I started crying, because I was worried about what Brian said about me. Gavin put his arm around me, and I cried on his shoulder the whole 45 minutes. While I cried Gavin repeated line from the movie in a funny voice to make me laugh. It actually worked, but I still cried. This made me like Gavin more. Gavin calls me babe and princess and tells me he loves me, but he doesn't mean it as more than a friend. I call him boo or charming, but mean it as more than a friend, but he doesn't know it. Gavin is always there for me. He held my hand at lunch when I was upset. He tells me I'm beautiful. He makes me laugh. I love him, but I don't think I love Brian. What should I do? Oh and if you're confused I'm still dating Brain, but we aren't speaking. " (5 replies)

momobunny, 12, OH, United States of America asks...
"Ok so I like this guy but I can't talk to him because I'm too shy and my dad wants me to hang out/talk to him more often because he was really good friends with his stepdad i don't know what to do though" (3 replies)

eksoccergirl, 12, CT, United States of America asks...
"Hi! So at my school we have a lot of dances. I've danced with guys at almost all of them. My question is, how do you tell if they really like you or if they just want to dance with anyone?" (1 replies)

anl, 16, NY, United States of America asks...
"In the last question I asked, some of you asked how he flirts with me. Well he sends winky faces and, told me he's a good slow dancer after I told him that I slow danced with every guy at my sweet 16 party. I also sent him a picture of me at my party after I jammed my hand in my cake after my friends pushed me. he responded with "That's you?!?" and said "WOW" he also told me my hair looked nice when it was curled. " (1 replies)

alex80, 10, MN, United States of America asks...
"There is this boy in my grade who likes me in that way and asked me out, I turned him down and told him " I don't want a boyfriend until like 7th grade. But i realize that I have a crush on one of my other classmates, What should I tell him? Should I just drop everything? What should i do? - ♥ Alex" (3 replies)

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