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beatris, 17, MI, Iran asks...
"hi. well I'm in a groupe and I'm the just girl in that group and that way every one look , talk ... different with me and I really enjoy that cause it's like being a princess and also it has it's own problem , one friend lets call him jake his just 15 asked me to talk with adam to see why his not answering him and other and adam told me becaese he asked him sth and he thinks the answer would make him sad and now I don't know what to do?and in the other hand jake thinks adam hates him." (1 replies)
mas4251, 16, GA, United States of America asks...
"so ive liked this boy for about 6 mths. we went out twice and we were going to go out when school started because we didnt like to date during the summer. but we got into three fights in one week and our thrid fight he ended up telling me how much he likes me and that i have a really special place in his heart. andi told him the same. but that was about a mth ago. and now i dont feel the same way i use to i sont get butterflies when he text me or anything i dont blush when some says his name or brings him up. so does that mean i dont like him anymore? that i only see him as a friend now nothing more?" (2 replies)
digdadog, 13, AZ, United States of America asks...
"I kinda still like this guy but I think my best guy friend likes me and I think I like him to what should I do please help" (1 replies)
alex80, 10, MN, United States of America asks...
"This isn't really a question more as it is a story. I want to know if any of you have gone through this or if you have a comment on it. I was dating this guy who I thought I liked, He was really pushy and kept pressuring me into kissing him and kept making me just really uncomfortable. He kept expecting I love you's and hugs and kisses. I DIDN'T WANT TO DO WITH ANY OF IT!!! Plus, we were in the 5th grade, I know it's pretty early to date someone but I am to nice and friendly to turn anyone down. I finally broke up with him and felt some much better. Have any of had this problem or a similar story? I really would like to know so that I know i'm not the only one. Thanks guys!" (0 replies)
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catey-anne, 13, CA, United States of America asks...
"i like a boy that was inn one of my classes previously, and he liked me back, but we kinda agreed to stop liking each other because we couldn't really date in the summer because we don't see each other. but then my neighbor/ best guy friend likes me now but i kind of still have feelings for the first guy. should i tell him??" (2 replies)

books-are-great, 11, , United Kingdom asks...
"My BFF has been hinting that she likes someone but when she does tell me she likes someone the next day she tells me she was lying because "that was what I wanted to hear" She keeps confusing me! What should I do. " (2 replies)

frentus, 13, FL, United States of America asks...
"The person I'm dating isn't over their ex and sometimes posts about missing someone on Facebook and Twitter. Is it bad that my feelings are hurt by that?" (6 replies)

UnknownCookie, 10, CA, United Arab Emirates asks...
"I have a crush on my second cousin and we've chatted a lot on messages, and it turns out that he likes me even more than i like him, do I tell him that i have a crush on him? or do i wait for him to tell me that he has a crush on me? What should i do? -Sarah" (2 replies)

Flirty_Funky, 10, , Australia asks...
"I really like this boy called Leroy and also really like this boy called David. One day, David went up to be and kissed me telling me he loved me. The next day, Leroy asked me out and David also asked me out. What should i do? They both seem to like me and i like them back and don't want to break their hearts!" (5 replies)

books-are-great, 11, , United Kingdom asks...
"My end of school party is up in 2 weeks and I can't decide if I want to ask someone, or go with a BFF. It's been on my mind for ages but I have this feeling that if I do ask someone, they will say no. What should I do?" (3 replies)

Vanellope11, 10, IN, United States of America asks...
"My friend has a crush on a guy named Levi.She asked him to a dance and he said yes.Another girl asked him and he also said yes to her.He crushed my friend's heart!>:( What do I do! :'(" (5 replies)

mrsliampayne, 13, CA, United States of America asks...
"HELP!!!! yesterday i went to the movies with my bgf, and now we're a couple! all i did was hold his hand. but then i kissed him! i'm thinking i don't really wanna be with him after all, but i don't know how to break up with him. he said not to tell anyone when school starts, and i was thinking maybe i could tell him that we shouldn't be a couple for that reason. what should i do?" (3 replies)

teenknighton, 13, SC, United States of America asks...
"" Okay so i REALLY need help,u see i liked this boy lets call him T. I liked him for like 5 years & idk why i did but i REALLY did & so anyways i liked him 4 so long that i never liked any other boys & it was kinda getting on my nerve but like almost a year ago i finally stopped liking him!!!! which i was SO happy about & then i figured out that i like this other boy that was my friend & idk that i liked him so i have liked him 4 like a year maybe now. But the thing is that i recently found out that i still like T & my feelings 4 him never really went away & i dont understand why i have liked him 4 SO LONG & i cant get him out of my head totally & idk what to do & i think i still like the other boy but idk!!!!! What do i do??????????????????????????? PLZ HELP!!!! IM GOING CRAZY!!!!! lol"" (1 replies)

whitlyssa, 9, AR, United States of America asks...
"Well,there is this one boy that I have a crush on at school.Ijust saw him yesterday.I still have not told anybody.I don't know if he likes me.Should I ask him next time I see him?" (2 replies)

ColorSplash, 8, CA, United States of America asks...
"Ok, so I decided to tell you another story. So I like this guy in my neighborhood. He's one year older than me. And my BFF my first BFF ever since we were little likes him also. Her other friends keep on telling me she likes him. She's one year younger then me or like 5 months younger than me. But she doesn't even know I like him. Since I'm kind of am private, so I normally don't talk about my personal life. Though sometimes I do. I don't even tell my parents cause they might act weird around me and my crush, or tell other adults. So I was wondering if I should tell my friend I like him...or maybe I could tell my crush I like him.." (2 replies)

sunflowergal2, 18, NY, United States of America asks...
"why do boys always look extra handsome in a suit?" (4 replies)

ColorSplash, 8, CA, United States of America asks...
"Well, since I'm considered a "kid" I can't date. But I'm kind of glad I can't. I'm considered a "kid" because I'm only in second grade. I think other wise. So I'm going into third grade and this boy I kind of like might be leaving the school. There's also another boy who looks like he blushes around me. We have some stuff in common, but I don't really have feelings for him. Its like whenever he looks at me his face turns red. But I don't know if its from going outside, or he likes me. Its confusing. We both like some of the same movies. Well I know its weird for a 2nd grader/3rd grader to watch Percy Jackson, The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit & Harry Potter. But he's practically watched all of those! My desk was right next to him and sometimes me talk but his face always turns red. I'm also one of the tallest in the class, and I think I might be taller than him. So its kind of like I kind of tower over him. So when I turn to talk, he always turns red. Even though he turns red a lot. but its kind of darker. So I don't know what to do! The other boy who might be leaving sometimes talks to me. I don't look on how much he gets in trouble though. He talks to be sometimes but in my eyes it looks like his face turns kind of red. This is confusing! Does anyone know if they like me or not?" (3 replies)

QuestionAsker, 12, NC, United States of America asks...
"Hey guys! I'm kinda asking a question and kinda just sharing my story, because I need to be all lovey-dovey to someone, so I think this is my best option. Ok so anyway, at the start of the day (it was the last day of school), my best guy friend (who only hangs with girls, WE ARE JUST FRIENDS" told me that "someone was going to hug me today". Of course this made me curious, so I kept asking him "Who? Who? TELL ME" etc. Finally, he gave in and told me the name of this guy who is crushing on me. (FOR LIKE ONCE IN MY LIFE SOMEONE LIKES ME LIKE THAT <3). The guy who was maybe going to hug me today then sat with our group at lunch, (there's this whole system where people are on teams for their classes and you have to pay "good tickets" to sit with the other team), and 5+ people told me "the only reason ______ is sitting with our team is because it's the last day of school and he wants to be with you!". I kind of didn't buy this, because we didn't really talk. Anyway last period he's in the front hall, where the band room is. At the ned of the day I went to go pick up my instrument and a bunch of people were crowded around him. I was kind of caught up in the moment but he said something like "Thanks for a great year! See you in 7th grade!" then he kind of spread his arms out and we awkwardly hugged. When I got home I met up with my BFF and she asked me "Is the news true about you and _______?". Then of course I asked her how she found it. Apparently he walked to the bus screaming "_______ HUGGED ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so now I have a question. Is a "first more than friends hug" a thing? Lol (: Thanks for listening to all of this love junk (:" (1 replies)

ariella14785, 13, TX, United States of America asks...
"Hey guys! okay so i want to see if u think that this guy likes me.lets call him z. okay so in my class z sits right next to me. i used to think that he was really annoying and stuff but now i definitely don't. and so yesterday i got a a 104 percent on my math test bc i got 4 extra credit points in my math test and then so did the boy that sat across from me, Jacob. Okay, so then z said that the Jacob should go out with me but Jacob didn't hear him say this. i replied for some reason"no i don't wanna date a smart guy". then we suddenly got involved with the topic of dating. my face was pretty red. i said i dont wanna know who i wanna date yet. then he's like, "I'm gonna date a brunette." I'm a brunette! at this point we were looking straight in the eye.he like,"I'm so dumb," (bc he got a 76 percent on the test). i think he likes smart girls but I'm not sure.I thought he was gonna date a blonde bc this girl he always hangs around is a blonde and really white. but I'm starting to notice he kinda backs away when she talks to him but still his face gets red when he talks to her. she's like the popular girl and I'm the nerd. ok so does this guy like me? plz give your advice! it would totally be appreciated! oh and he's sort a ugly but he's really humorous and i guess it's better to have a good personality than to look good. also i have a little pimples and i'm worried if they'll make just boys in general not like me. I put the acne treatment on a little and i guess its working? i dont know. ANYWAYS PLZ REPLY! ~ beth <3" (1 replies)

Pinknose9141, 12, MA, United States of America asks...
"So whenever I text my crush/friend he almost never replies. But when he does it's either an awkward conversation or he gets offline after a few minutes without any warning. Does anyone know how to: A.) get him to talk to me B.) avoid an awkward convo C.) get him to text longer" (2 replies)

Pinknose9141, 12, MA, United States of America asks...
"I know I ask this a lot but can you please tell me if you think my friend (who's also my crush) has a crush on me? He used to talk to me all the time but he doesn't really talk to me anymore but when he does it's kinda awkward, when I text him he doesn't reply often but when he does he replies with one word answers (making the convo awkward), the other day I sat next to him in one class and he kept looking at me and giggling so when I asked him why he kept doing that he quickly said he kept thinking I was staring at him when I wasn't, and a few days ago when we were cutting stuff out he kept running over to my desk to throw out my scraps and giggling and smiling while doing it. Do you guys think he likes me?" (1 replies)

QuestionAsker, 12, NC, United States of America asks...
"What do you do when you like a guy, and he likes you back, but you don't want anyone (including him), to know you like him, but you still want him to like you?" (4 replies)

CeCe_Rhodes, 14, AL, United States of America asks...
"There's this guy at my church that I like. He stares at me during services. He doesn't look away but he smiles and stares longer. He even talks to me and tries to make me laugh. What does it mean? " (6 replies)

CeCe_Rhodes, 14, AL, United States of America asks...
"I really like my boyfriend. But our school year is ending and I'm not going to be in this school anymore. What should I do?? I'm going to hang out with him this summer but what about next school year?" (2 replies)

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