Juliette Brindak, Co-Founder, Partner, Miss O and Friends
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Juliette Brindak
Co-Founder, Partner

The Miss O & Friends® brand is created and managed by girls who've outgrown Barbie but not ready for Britney. Ranking in the top 10 "Girls Only" websites worldwide (Amazon Alexa Data), The Procter & Gamble Company is our largest investor.

At age 10, Juliette created what is now Miss O & Friends. Cool, age appropriate and esteem building, Miss O reflects the needs of our community, offering character building opportunities (like girls getting their original stories published and sold in bookstores nationwide). Through www.missoandfriends.com, tweens can socialize, play, create, learn, exchange ideas, get help, compare experiences, get published and much more...all within a safe, non-chat environment.

As a two time invited participant to YIEF in St. Petersburg, Russia, Juliette believes strongly in self-development, coupled with responsibility. Juliette's recent acknowledgements include:

  • TV Debut: Million Dollar Intern, BBC Worldwide Productions, Oct. 2013
  • Guest speaker at TED, Mountain View, CA Dec., 2012
  • B.A. degree, Washington University in St. Louis, May, 2011
  • Selected, "America's Coolest College Start-Ups," Inc. Mag., Feb., 2011
  • "Top 50 Women Who Inspire Us," Self-Made Magazine, Nov., 2010
  • GSEA Global Finalist - best student entrepreneurs competing worldwide, Kauffman Center, Nov., 2010
  • Syndicated columnist, Just from Juliette "KidsCounsel" (Dear Abby for young girls), distributed via McClatchy/Tribune - over 700 papers worldwide

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