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about us

Young girls grow faster physically than emotionally. Miss O & Friends provides a hip, yet wholesome alternative, which allows girls to still be girls.

Miss O & Friends® is about real girls growing up. Their images and stories are authentic and inspirational. These young girls are hip, yet wholesome, with a positive sense of self. Although diverse, they share common enthusiasm for the internet, mobility, instant messaging and emailing - many of the primary tools for how young girls gather and communicate today. The Miss O & Friends® website, books and articles, as well as branded offerings, convey who the girls are and what they stand for, reflecting their sense of confidence, the truths and the wholesome values of these real girls.

The Miss O & Friends® girls are real...conceived of, evolved with, and managed by young girls, to provide a positive "voice of authenticity" and help build a sense of confidence for young girls growing up. What started as something to do with friends has organically grown into the characters you see above.

These girls are hip and wholesome with high self-esteem and lots of confidence. They have many varied interests and always strive to do their best - in school, sports, arts and other activities.

The goals of Miss O & Friends® include:

Confidence Building

  • Helps girls build a sense of self/sense of confidence
  • Helps establish the platform from which girls better able to negotiate challenges of growing up
  • Better sense of self, less likely to fall prey to the negative pressures of fitting in/being popular

Self Esteem and Personal Best

  • Girls with self esteem better enabled to establish healthy relationships with others
  • Participate in their lives, as well as the lives of others
  • Girls who strive for their personal best (school, sports, arts, other activities) not for perfection


  • Research shows being smart and good in school is more important to girls than being popular. Dr. Marion Swanson, an elementary school psychologist, is on our board helping to direct educational initiatives

Not Sexually Overt

  • Allows girls to be girls


  • Miss O & Friends is about helping girls - percentage of proceeds donated to charities helping young girls.