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16, IN
(club member since: 02/12/2011)
Today I feel
My favorite food: Sushi
Stressing about: Friends
Relaxing by: Listening to music
Favorite music: Maroon 5

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AskAllie, 25, CA
misso, 20, CT
rockoutdiva, 16, CT3
jesus_freak789, 17, NC4
nicmic42, 15, NY5
laurensue13, 16, CA6
becky780, 17, TN8
curlycue99, 16, NC1
Angelchik79, 18, TN2
Teri, 18, CA3
cutebug27, 16, NC4
swimmingrocks01, 14, NY5
ghostbuster24, 14, OH6
cutiepie1414, 16, IL7
RadioJay, 14, MA8

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