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18, WI
(club member since: 01/6/2011)
Today I feel
My favorite food: Soup
Stressing about: Boys
Relaxing by: Playing sports
Favorite music: One Direction
Favorite musical: The Phantom of The Opera
Favorite sport: Tennis
Favorite movie: Bride Wars
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite song:

Do you want to be my friend?  
ghostbuster24, 15, OH
Shainabstar, 15, CA2
Athletic13Girl, 19, WI3
cutiepie1414, 16, IL4
littlemissshay, 19, SD5
tornadoaly, 15, MO6
honeybear345, 15, OR7
hannahbee, 15, VA8
Pinkunicorn80, 16, MN1
Zebra287, 17, MN2
kitty3345, 19, IL3
bubblegum1pink, 18, MO4
Nyunt, 16, 5
ILuvTheEarth, 16, UL6
jesus_freak789, 18, NC7


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