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Fashion Stylist

Chihuahua Dressup

Rabbit Dressup

HazCity 2


Miss Opticals

Blob Farm

Native American

Shop Hunt

A Day at High School

Master Noodle Maker

Funny Park

Hamster Dressup

Emma Watson

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Our site is created by girls... for girls, just like you! Socialize with your friends 100% safely. You can friend other girls, get notifications on your About Me page when you get posted on the Wall or Scoop (our club's blog) play games, create, enter contests, shop, listen to music, and have a whole bunch of fun while you do the things you love.

Thanks to our fabulous group of girl members, we are now the #1 "girls only" website in the world! Here's what our co-founder, Juliette has to say!

Watch our 1st episode of our new web series called "Girl Talk" inspired by the "Just from Juliette" advice column on our site. You can NOW get a live response from our co-founder, Juliette Brindak from your questions you have asked us! More to come! Stay tuned!

Throw back Tween. Do you know someone who fits this? Send them in to us for review. For you older girls, we were all there once!

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