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Frequently Asked Questions
Need help figuring something out about the site? Check the FAQs below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to send us an email.
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Boxes around Games and Images
All of the Flash and Java-created games and images have an outline around it and require you to click it once to "activate" it and then click it again to "click" it. This is not something on the Miss O & Friends site (we think it's as big a pain as you do!), this occurs only on the Internet Explorer browser and is because of Microsoft.

Loading Time
Some of the games on our site are large files. Loading time and performance will differ depending on your Internet connection and the amount of site traffic.

Cookies and Session Variables
In order to use this site, computers should be set to allow session variables (session "cookies"). If you have questions, please ask your parents to help you.

Most of our games require Flash or Java (crosswords, matchit) installed on your computer.

Do I need to have an email address to join?
No, you do not need an email address to join. However, if you do, you'll receive the monthly Miss O Club newsletter and alerts when you win contests, earn badges and unlock the secret vault.

How much does it cost to join?
Nothing. The Miss O Club is free to join.

I'm getting an error that says "the username part of the email address doesn't seem to be valid."
Check to make sure there are no blank spaces in the email address and that your email address is complete with the @ symbol and "." (like "janedoe@hotmail.com")

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I forgot my screenname. Can you tell me what it is?
Unfortunately, no. Your screenname is the unique item that identifies your account. Without that, we can't tell who you are. If you've forgotten your screenname, you can sign up for a new account. Make sure you pick a screenname that is easy to remember and write it down.

I forgot my password. Can you tell me what it is?
On the Miss O Club login page, you can enter your screenname and birthday to get your password hint. If that doesn't help you remember, you can have your password emailed to the email address in your account.

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How do I log out?
If you close your browser, you will be automatically logged out. Or, you can click the Logout link in the toolbar.

I was logged out of my account. What happened?
To keep your account secret, we automatically log you out of your account when there's been no activity for 15 minutes.

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Can I change my Miss O Club screenname?
Right now, there is not a way to change your screenname. However, the Miss O Team is working to make that function available.

How do I change my password?
Go the the Club's "Profile Page" page and click "Change" next to your password.

How do I change my email or my parent's email address?
Go the the Club's "Profile Page" page and click "Change" next to your or their email address.

How do I change my selected badge?
Go the the Club's "Profile Page" page and click "Change" next to your badge. In order to be able to change your badge, you must have at least two badges in your collection.

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I'm not getting the Miss O Club Newsletters.
Make sure your email address is correct in your account. Login to the Club, click "Profile Page" and double check your email address. Also, make sure the "Receive Miss O Club Newsletter" says yes. Sometimes it gets caught in spam boxes, so you should check there. Also, if you block unknown email, make sure the following Miss O email addresses are added to your approved list:

How to I subscribe / unsubscribe to the Newsletters?
Go the the Club's "Profile Page" page and click "Change" next to the type of newsletter you want to receive / stop receiving.

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How do I get Miss O Points?
You must be a Miss O Club member to earn Miss O Points. When you are logged into your account, there are many things you can do to earn Miss O Points – play games, submit creations, refer friends, vote for the Daily Faves, or be selected in a Daily Fave contest.

How do I collect my Miss O Points?
Each game / activity is different. Some games award points automatically (although you may need to refresh your screen to see them.) If you see the "get points" button on the final game page, you must click it to collect your points.

On some games, you'll see a small banner above the game that says "Click to Start" - these games earn points based on time, not the actual score on the game itself. To collect points, click to start and then click the Miss O Points Bar again before time is up!

The game says "my score has been received," but then I look at my points box and I still have the same score. What happened?
You must be logged in to collect your points. If you are, then you probably just need to refresh your browser in order to see your new points total.

What do I do with my Miss O Points?
You don't "do" anything with your Miss O Points. Your Miss O Points automatically enable certain features of the site (unlocking secret vault items and earning badges) based on your overall points total. As you earn Miss O Points, you also earn Miss O Tokens, which are the "currency" of the site and can be used to enter contests and sweepstakes to win free stuff.

Do my Miss O Points expire?
No. Your Miss O Points will never expire or decrease.


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How do I get Miss O Tokens?
As you earn Miss O Points, you are awarded Miss O Tokens automatically.

What do I do with my Miss O Tokens?
Enter them into the Back to Fun Sweepstakes for chances to win free stuff or the Secret Vault Contest for a chance to win a secret vault key!

How do I know how many Miss O Tokens I have?
When you are logged into the Club, click on "My Rewards" to see your Tokens total and what contests you're currently entered into. You can also see your Tokens total on the pages where you can spend them.

Do my Miss O Tokens expire?
Yes. You must use your Miss O Tokens by the last day of the month after you earn them (so, if you earned tokens on October 15th, you have until November 30th to use them, or you lose them.)


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How do I get Miss O Badges?
You can earn Miss O Badges for your collection doing a variety of things. You'll earn them when you reach certain point levels, are chosen for contests, have your story published, etc. CLICK HERE to learn more.

When will I receive my badge?
Miss O Badges do not appear automatically once you earn one. Badges are given out nights via a computer script, so please allow 24-48 hours.

Game Builder Badges
I saw a clue/question that I sent in, but I didn't get a badge for it!
We get many, many entries sent in that are very similar. Whoever wrote the specific clue/question we ended up using is the person who gets the badge. Try to make your clue and question submissions as unique as possible.

Point Leader Badges
I saw my name on the Point Leaders list, but I didn't get my badge.
The Top 25 Leaders Badges are awarded to whoever holds the top 25 positions as of the end of the contest period (midnight EST for daily). It could be that you are a leader when you're on the site, but then someone overtakes your position later in the day and bumps you off the list.

Miss O Ambassador Badges
I told 3 friends about the Miss O website, but I didn't get my Ambassador Badge!
In order for us to track who joins because of the email you send them, they need to join right after they click the "join now" button from the email sent from our site. If they didn't do this, then (unfortunately) we have no way of knowing who referred them and who to give the badge and points to.

Also, there is a computer script that runs to award these, it's not automatic the second the 3rd person signs up, so if your third person joined yesterday or today, your badge may not have been awarded yet. Thanks for passing the word along about Miss O!


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I have enough points. How do I get my Secret Vault keys?
In order to get the keys to the Secret Vault you've earned, go to the "Secret Vault" tab in the Club section and click on the "get key" button on the club page. CLICK HERE to see the secret vault items available.


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How do I get a Secret Diary?
You automatically receive a Secret Diary account when you join the Miss O Club.

What is my Secret Diary password?
Your Secret Diary password is the same as your regular Club login password.

How do I change the fabric in my Secret Diary?
Once you earn 90,000 Miss O Points, the Secret Vault for the Pick a Fabric feature will unlock. Click the button and follow the directions to change your Secret Diary fabric.

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How do I enter to win free stuff?
You need to be a Miss O Club member to enter to win. Use your Miss O Tokens to enter the WinItz! Sweepstakes. There are new prizes every week, so keep checking back to see what new stuff there is to win!

How do I enter a creation into a Daily Fave Contest?
You need to be a Miss O Club member to submit a creation to the Daily Faves. While you are logged in, you can click the Submit icon in a "create" game to enter your creation for consideration in a Daily Fave.


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Where can I see the creations I've saved?
Login to your account, then click on the "My Stuff" icon. You will be able to view your creation, email it to your friends or delete it from that screen.

Why is there a limit of 2,000 words in a story?
We limit the amount of words to keep them easy to read for our audience as well as to read and vote on in the Daily Faves. Longer stories also take up more room on our website server, and we want to make sure we have enough room for everyone!

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When do you post new issues of The Scoop?
A new issue is posted every Friday. Plus, you can always read past articles in The Hangout.

How can I be a contributing writer for The Scoop?
You can send in a travel review, DIY craft instructions or other news article for review by The Scoop editors. Plus, if you are a Miss O Club member and it's published, you'll even be awarded a special Badge for your collection.

What days of the week do you post new Kids' Counsel questions?
Our Kids' Counsel advice column features a new question every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Plus, Miss O Club members can read past questions from the archives.

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